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About Needham High School
Needham High School is situated on a hill overlooking Memorial Park, situated at approximately the geographical center of town. Due to this location, the school is easily accessible to students. The original building which has been renovated was dedicated in 1930. The new school was opened in the fall of 2006.

Needham High School is an accredited member of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. The reaccreditation report issued in 1998 states,””Needham High School is an excellent school. By all measures of accountability and student achievement, the students at Needham are demonstrating outstanding and rigorous achievement. The dedicated highly able, and talented faculty and staff see to it that student needs are being met in ways that exceed the expectations of the community. The school has a rich history of accomplishments and a record of achievement which brings pride to the community.”

Needham High School draws from the strengths of the community to create partnerships between faculty, parents, and students, both on an individual level and in groups, in order to provide a high quality education. Teaching and learning are central to our mission, as is integrity. The school offers students a variety of opportunities to excel and diversity of perspectives from which to learn in an environment that is both nurturing and challenging. The balanced student is able to participate actively in school and society, be creative, and self-advocate while determining his or her unique path to fulfillment.

Why BookScan Station?
The BookScan Station has revolutionized research at Needham High School. It has accomplished exactly what I had hoped and is even more successful than I had projected.

The students eagerly use books for their projects to capture images and gather information to complete projects. In the six weeks since the BookScan Station has come to our Library, it has made such a difference in students’ work. For the Sophomore Archetype project, they can readily scan the Man Myth & Magic article that gives them a starting point for their research. The Junior Research Project, centering on an author study, is an intensive exploration of the critical writings on a novel. Students have quickly realized the advantage of scanning their articles so that they can read through them at a later time. The World War II “Battles” project has been able to incorporate the rich book resources that the NHS Library has instead of searching the Internet for images that they need.

Our evaluation method is subjective, based on feedback from users. The teachers and students are quite similar in their appreciation of the BookScan Station:

“I love the scanner! It is so helpful and really easy to use. It helps so much with research projects because you can take the reference materials home on a flash drive. It makes really nice scans with the knife edge and is much
faster than the copy machine.” Allison Smith, Class of 2012

“The scanning machine helped me a lot in my research for my freshman research paper. It allowed me to not have to worry about going back and forth to the library, when I can just scan all that I need onto a flash drive and do
my research wherever I want.” Connor Colarossi, Class of 2014

“The scanner made research much more convenient and it has saved me a lot of time because I can now take sources home with me without worrying about wasting paper.” Mulin Xiong, Class of 2012

“I’ve used the BookScan Station to scan articles from reference books and other literary criticism books. It makes it easier for me to transport my research materials for my JRP from school to my home or even to the public
library. Overall, I’ve found it to be very useful. Thank you!” Megan Lund, Class of 2012

“I really enjoy the book scanning station. It is user friendly and easy to use. Plus, it saves paper.” Jaclyn Gordon, Class of 2012

“Whenever we provide learning tools for students which create ease of use, it results in increased compliance and a stronger work product. By removing an obstacle in accessing sources, we create efficiencies and savings, in
time, delivery, portability, backup, and the opportunity to active read book sources. More and better sources, means better, and less stressful, results.” Betsy Sugameli, Social Studies Teacher

From the Staff and Students at Needham High School,

Thank You!

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