BookScan Station 3070

Industry Standard
The BookScan Station 3070 Touch Screen computer is a high speed 3.3 GHz 3rd Gen Intel – i3 , 17” touch screen computer with 2 GB of RAM, 320GB hard disk, 6 USB 2.0 High Speed ports, and an Ethernet port, in a compact, sleek design. The BookScan Station 3070 is bundled with Windows 7 Embedded, BookScan Station software and ABBYY FineReader Technology. Installed in over 100 public and university libraries in the last year alone, the BookScan Station has become the industry standard for a highly reliable, rugged touch screen technology that can withstand constant touches without degradation in sensitivity and accuracy. Visit our website at to see case studies about BookScan Station installations and testimonials, and the features and benefits library patrons and staff value most.

Designed to be easy to use with large friendly buttons, the BookScan Station touch screen guides the user through the scan process including choosing the file formats, scan quality, color depth, file naming, and destinations. Scan books and documents into PDF, text-searchable PDF, JPEG, and Word file formats by simply touching the screen for the preferred file format. Searchable PDF files allow you to search for any word in the PDF file or copy text out. Word files may be opened and edited in any Word compatible text editor.

Send scanned files to a USB Flash drive, to email as an attachment, to Google Docs, to Network Folders, Smartphone/Tablet, FTP sites or printer. Simply pick the destination on the screen and the BookScan Station software automatically routes the scanned images.

Unmatched OCR Accuracy
The BookScan Station 3070 is bundled with ABBYY FineReader Technology for unmatched optical character recognition accuracy. The FineReader Technology can produce pictures or image-only PDFs, and reduces the size of the resulting PDF without loss of visual quality. ABBYY’s multilingual document recognition engine automatically detects English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish languages.

Add-On Options
The BookScan Station 3070 touchscreen computer may be configured with any of iVina’s patented book-edge scanners: the FB2080E Small Format book-edge scanner, the FB6080E Large Format book-edge scanner, and the FB6280E Large Format high-speed book-edge scanner.

The BookScan Station 3070 is designed to support scanning not only books but also documents when configured with an iVina BulletScan S400 document scanner rated at 40 images per minute or the iVina BulletScan S2200 rated at up to 120 images per minute. The BookScan Station 3070 also supports the zero footprint ADF4030E automatic document feeders that support the FB6080E and FB6280E book-edge scanners.

The BookScan Station 3070 touchscreen computer also offers an optional 3 Track Magnetic Card Reader for identifying and authenticating authorized users.

Billing/Payment System Compatibility
The BookScan Station software bundled with the BSS3070 is Blackboard Transact certified, and supports select coin and debit card systems from Jamex, ITC, and Vendapin. The software also works with most print management systems such as Pharos, P-Counter and Envisionware.

The Bookscan Station 3070 includes a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and extended warranties up to 5 years may be purchased. For more information, please visit