iVina ADF 4030

Industry Standard
The iVina ADF 4030 is an integrated automatic document feeder that replaces the lid of either the BookScan Station FB6080E or FB6280E book edge scanner and scans documents at up to 45 pages per minute in black and white. Because the unit rests on top of the book-edge scanner and connects to it via a cable, the ADF 4030 provides for the greatest amount scanning versatility in very limited spaces. The hinges on the ADF 4030 have a unique spring loaded design allows the lid to be lifted up with minimal effort and will even hold itself up when opened to make it easier to scan off the flatbed.

The ADF 4030 expands the versatility of the BookScan Station to scan documents in addition to the books scanned on the book-edge scanner. It has a 50 page capacity document feeder and can scan documents up to 11.” X 17”. The ADF 4030’s duty cycle is rated at 2500 scans per day and comes standard with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Extended service agreements up to 5 years are also available.

The BookScan Station software supports scanning documents from the ADF 4030 automatically. Simply place a stack of up to 50 pages into the ADF 4030 document feeder and the BookScan Station software detects the loaded paper. Touch the SCAN button on the touch screen, and the paper will be automatically fed through the document feeder and scanned.

The BookScan Station ADF 4030 lists for $795 and is compatible with the iVina FB6080E and 6280E book-edge scanners. Visit our website at www.bookscanstation.com to see case studies about BookScan Station installations and testimonials, and the features and benefits library patrons and staff value most.