iVina FB6080E

Patented Book-Scanning Technology Improves Image Quality and Protects the Book Spine
The iVina FB6080E Large Format book-edge scanner was specifically designed for scanning books. Its patented technology produces the highest quality image by eliminating the dark, shadowy areas appearing near the center margins of the book when books are scanned on copiers or photo scanners. The patented book-edge design also protects the spine of the book by allowing the book spine to lie flush against the edge of the scanner.

These superior results are accomplished through its patented technology that positions the scanning light source at the front edge of the scanner. This “zero-edge” or book-edge design allows the book page to lie flat when the book spine is aligned along the front edge of the scanner. Never again would you need to force a book with both pages pressed flat against the glass on a copier or scanner, which distorts the scanned image and potentially damages the spine of the book.

Advanced Image Processing
The iVina FB6080E book-edge scanner incorporates advanced image processing features such dynamic thresholding, automatic color matching, custom color dropout, automatic multiple cropping, auto-orient, auto-straighten and despeckle. Utilizing high quality CCD sensors, the FB6080E has a maximum optical resolution of 600 dpi. It can produce high quality 11” x 17” (A3) scans in 6.5 seconds per page at 200 dpi in black and white.

Versatility – Scan Books and Documents
Scan both books and documents when iVina’s Automatic Document Feeder 4030 upgrade is installed on the FB6080E Book-Edge scanner. The iVina ADF 4030 scans documents at up to 45 pages per minute. The ADF option has a 50-page capacity and a maximum document size of 11.7” x 17” (300 x 432 mm). The document feeder rests on top of the FB6080E Book-Edge scanner and therefore does not take up any additional desk space. The hinges on the ADF 4030 have a unique spring loaded design allows the lid to be lifted up with minimal effort and will even hold itself up when opened to make it easier to scan off the flatbed.

The iVina FB6080E book scanner is backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and may be extended up to 5-years under optional service agreements. It is also Windows 7 compliant, certified Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface, and includes TWAIN,WIA and ISIS drivers. The IVina FB6080E is supported by iVina’s U.S. based technical support and customer service teams.